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Our Story

We strive to create the finest quality & functional accessories that emulate the essence of bold & luxury.

Who We Are

Be Bold, Be Luxurious.

At ARDLUX, for us, the customer is always first. Our total commitment to customers empowers us to work closely with every customer. When you buy from us, the sale is not complete when we ship your order; it is done when you are delighted.

What We Do

Today we are a small team of entrepreneurial creatives that work out of our headquarters in New York with a passion for fashion, craftsmanship, and entrepreneurship. Our primary focus has been to create uncompromised quality at an excellent price. We haven’t had a single return or reclaim of any product we sent out until today.

We want to grow our product line constantly, and with your input and help, we will create wonders.

Thank you,
The ARDLUX Team.